Kids React To ‘Ducktales’ Will Make You Feel So Old

Remember when your parents would tel you about what they used to watch or do as a kid and you made the old people jokes? well, now we’re the old people. The Fine Bros have once again made me feel ancient by having kids react to something that I cherished and held dear.

It’s children reacting to “Ducktales.” Now this is one of my all time favorite cartoons of all time. It’s probably one of your favorites, too. So what happens when a bunch of little kids rip it apart? It angers you, makes you feel old, and hate children.

I just about died when the little girl asked if TV shows were in black and white in the 1990’s.

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Just a man with a computer, smartphone and a ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge.

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  1. BIG Rich Lawrence

    I was more of a Darkwing Duck fan, but still loved Ducktales!

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