Man Builds Dream 80’s Style Arcade in His Bedroom. Fiancé Leaves. What A Dumb Ass.

I get it. I mean I have a dream too. It was building my Geek Cave. But I didn’t build it in my bed room that I share with a real women, because I prefer the company of said woman to a Donkey Kong Jr. arcade machine. No wonder she left his dumb ass! 

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.03.39 PMChris Kooluris says he loves video games. And that love gave him a passion to build a video game arcade for him and his buddies to enjoy. Sadly, building it in his bedroom that he shared with his soon to be wife now ex-fiancé, who has since left him. He says he’s not a loser, and the reporter for the article agrees with that description, but I do not. Chris, you had a woman who loved you and you threw it away. So yeah, you may have a nice job and a cool arcade, but when you get to feeling the loneliness and the need for “female companionship”, good luck with making it with you Pac-Man machine, like the horny robot from Robot Chicken.


I can see hear him now trying to pick up a girl, “Hey, wanna come back to my place and do it on my Donkey Kong? No really, I have a Donkey Kong machine. I’ll spot ya’ some quarters.” Check out a video here of the arcade.


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  1. The woman is the dumbass for not accepting him. If that’s who he is why did she get with him in the first place? Why should this man compromise something so meager and irrelevant for the sake of acceptance.

    • BIG Rich Lawrence

      Relationships are a give and take. He should have talked about it with her. From what I saw, he just did it and I’m betting she said she wasn’t cool with it at some point when it started to take over the room. When I built the Geek Cave studio for the X-Casts, I made sure the wife was cool and what I could and couldn’t do. Just sayin’ he could have had both if he found out where the limits were.

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