MLB Teams Sing-Along To A Taylor Swift Song on Twitter

Taylor Swift is everywhere.  She’s on your radio, television and in our wildest dreams.  Normally, we don’t mind – I mean, she’s a solid 11 on a scale from 1-10.  However, the last place we thought T-Swizzle would appear is in the sports world.  We check our guilty pleasures at the gate when we roll into a baseball game, right?  Not yesterday.  The MLB Twitter account posted a photo of baseball gloves, with the caption: “It’s a glove story”, a take on Swift’s song, It’s a Love Story.  Multiple baseball teams couldn’t resist to follow-up with a Twitter sing-along to the tune with their own team’s spin.  Check out the dig that the first place Brewers chipped in with!

When the MLB Twitter account posted this photo with a caption of “It’s a glove story”, a spin on the Taylor Swift song, “It’s a Love Story”, the rest of baseball couldn’t resist the urge to chyme in and start an all out sing-along via Twitter.

The Dodgers get us started:

Dodger rivals, the Giants, could not be outdone.

 Here comes the instigators…

 The Giant’s closer’s name is Sergio Romo.  “Rom(e)o” Ha!

The American League California teams can’t have all the fun.  Hello, A’s.

California isn’t the only state where baseball teams dig Taylor.  This may be my favorite post – check out the dig that the first place Milwaukee Brewers thew in!

Of course, the Prince has to be included!  Rangers’ first baseman, Price Fielder, probably never thought he would be included in a Taylor Swift sing-along.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at all of the trolling MLB teams did yesterday during the Taylor Swift singing.  With all of the competition, rivalries and even fights that break out on the field, it’s nice to see teams remember to put some fun into the game.  Afterall, baseball is just that – a game.

For the full sing a-long action, here’s the MLB article.

Back to reality – here’s a photo of Taylor Swift to drool over.

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