Utica Woman Set To Make National Televsion Debut As She Vies For Miss Manhattan Title

By day, Tonya Kassler lives the normal life, working at the Riverside Diner and prepping for Radiological classes at MVCC.  At night, she dons a sash to take on duties as Miss Utica.  Making public appearances, volunteering around her work schedule and raising money for charity, Kassler represents the title well.   Aiming for new heights, Miss Utica is now not only running for Miss Manhattan, she’ll also add Actress to her resume – check out where she’ll make her national television debut!

As Miss Utica, Kingston native, Tonya Kassler, is continuously trying to make a difference in her city.  A volunteer for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society, a toy-drive participant and freelance artist whom donates her talents , all while working around her day job, is not enough for Miss Utica.  Looking for a higher platform to raise awareness to her charities, Kassler has her eyes set on earing the title of Miss Manhattan!  The pageant, a televised fashion show, will also see its contestants create and wear their own clothing.  Boosting Kassler on the publicity platform – Miss Manhattan contestants will be on the WE Lifetime Movie Network – she’s already filmed a show set to air on national television!

A 12-epsiosde series following the Miss Manhattan pageant and it’s contestants is set to air on the WE Lifetime Movie Network in late July.  Camera crews followed Miss Utica around at her job, The Riverside Diner, the charity she represents, the Stevens-Swan Humane Society and at her home.  Prizes awarded to Miss Manhattan may not only include modeling contracts with top agencies, but college scholarships, too.  Something that could come in handy this fall when Kassler will be taking Radiological Technology classes at MVCC.  Saving animals, medical help, publicly displayed,  aesthetically pleasing artwork – sounds like Utica will benefit nicely, and possibly on a larger scale quite soon.

Before Miss Utica appears before our eyes on national TV, you can see her raising money for the Stevens-Sawn Humane Society this weekend.  Kassler will be at Big Apple Music in New Hartford, NY. on Saturday at 12:00 PM and then will head over Donovan Field, home of the Utica Brewers at 6:00 PM. At the game, 50/50 raffles and charity baskets will be set up to support the Humane Society.

For more information, you can reach Tonya Kassler, Miss Utica, on her Facebook page .

Miss Utica paiting the ticket booth for the Shrine Circuts at WMAS:

Toy Drive:

Public appearances as Miss Utica:

Window art done by Miss Utica:

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