Have You Seen the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer? Here Ya Go! [VIDEO]

After watching the trailer, the kindest thing I can say about this is, why won’t someone lock up Michael Bay in the basement of Paramount to stop him from making this kind of shit?!

I know it’s a reboot, and a new take on the Turtles, but I seriously feel like Michael Bay’s whole formula for a movie is to come up with a semi decent story line, sticking close to the original origin but making a big enough change to make fans like me go “Which drug are you using now?” Then add a sexy heroine not above showing some T&A, then liberally spread some explosions throughout the movie. I feel like he’s taking all the cool things I cherished while I was growing up, and just trying to pigeon hole them into what action adventure movie goers expect.

I said it before, and I shall say it again, everything Michael Bay touches, seems to just get ruined. I have zero hope that this movie will do any justice to the comics. But, it’ll probably make a ton of money because of the explosions and Megan Fox. But judge for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think.

NOTE: Changed the URL of the video because the one I linked to was taken down by the author. 

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