Albany Radio Legend Kevin Richards Suddenly Let Go From WGNA

In some stunning news from the Albany, NY radio world, Kevin Richards, a 19 year veteran at country powerhouse radio station WGNA was let go as of Tuesday July 8, 2014. It’s leaving many of his fans asking “why?”



Chances are that if you listen to country music, you know who Kevin Richards is. He has been a staple on 107.7 ‘GNA for nearly 20 years. He got his start on WGNA in 1995. From that point on his voice could be heard doing the “Cryin’ Lovin’ of Leaving” show at night, mid-days and hosting a classic country music show on the weekends.

His hard work and dedication was recognized in 2006 when he won a Country Music Award for personality of the year. Along with that win he has been nominated for a CMA 6 times, and nominated for an ACM one time.

Known for more than just being a local radio personality, Kevin is also a country dance instructor. He has run dance shows all around the country. Richards also started a country themed cruise that garnered such country music icons as Mel Tillis, The Statler Brothers, Mark Chesnut and more.

Richards’ Facebook page doesn’t say why he was let go, just that he is deeply saddened to announce that he is no longer affiliated with WGNA or Townsquare Media after 19 years.

The outpour of support from his fans has been amazing so far. Just hours after the firing a Facebook page popped up entitled “Bring Back Kevin Richards.” In less than 24 hours that page already has over 1,200 fans and is still growing. There are even a number of hastags supporting Richards like #TeamKevin.

So far the WGNA facebook page has been overrun with Team Kevin voicing their opinion on the situation. Comments like “No Kevin, No Country” “Bring back Kevin” and more have filled their comments section on most of their posts. Some fans have even gone as far to ask other fans of the radio station to boycott their annual country music concert, Country Fest.

I’ve reached out to Stephen Giuttari, the operations manager at Townsquare Media in Albany, NY about the firing. He has not yet commented back.

According to Kevin’s Faceook page all of his scheduled events will still go on as planned. You can see the full schedule on his website,

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    Townsquare media apparently don’t know what they are doing. They let go so many great people that worked there, either on the radio or in the office, that soon no one is going to want to listen to any of their stations. Like WGNA, The Crush, Q103 and ESPN Talk Radio. What’s their next step, stopping Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show on Q103 or better yet maybe they are thinking about stopping The Sean and Richey Show. They will drive those radio station right to the ground soon enough.

  2. Debra Crammond

    Kevin Richards was the only reason for listening to WGNA. Way too many commercials and new country music. So now I won’t listen at all.

  3. The 8th was Tuesday. I only know because that’s my birthday lol & you said “Monday July 8 ” in your above article. I have listened to Kevin for as long as I can remember and I no longer listen to WGNA due to them letting him go. Maybe they don’t realize how this could effect them in the long run, but it was a bad decision to make. Kevin has been a loyal radio voice for as long as I can remember and now I listen to other stations. It’s awful and no one should be “let go” after the amount of hard work and dedication that one brought to the table. People all over love you Kevin and will miss you greatly, until we hear your voice again I wish you the best of luck in the future and may you do even better now without WGNA pressing down on you!!! Good luck!

  4. Great article on such a special personality – GNA is making a mistake to let his talent get away. Thank you for sharing his story.

    • BIG Rich Lawrence

      We were pretty shocked by the news, because it kind if goes against common sense by letting one of your highly rated jocks go.

      Plus we also wanted to show our support as this site is run by all ex-Townsquare employees.

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