A Farewell to a Great Man: Remembering Bob Ausfeld

As we go through life there are only a few people who really have an impact on us. Obviously our parents are number one, but then there are others who are able to get in. Bob Ausfeld was one of those people, and he will be missed by many. 

On Sunday July 13, 2014 Robert Ausfeld passed away after having heart surgery. It’s ironic that it was his heart, because it was a part of him that was so big.

Affectionately known to many of his friends and employees as the “BobFather”, Bob Ausfeld was not your typical boss. He was the boss of bosses. Never before had you seen a man stick his neck out for every single employee that was in his building. You could talk to Bob about anything, and I mean anything. Work stuff, family problems, sports. Bob was one of the most approachable individuals I’ve ever worked for. It makes sense that I’m seeing so many of my former co-workers referring to him as a father figure, or family member. That’s how comfortable he made you feel.

I spent almost a decade working for this man before he retired from what is now Townsquare Media in Albany, NY. There are people in the Capital Region that were fortunate enough to work for Bob for much longer, and I know that if it were possible would have worked for, with and along side of him forever. Most of the folks you hear on the radio no matter what station have probably had some sort of relationship with Bob Ausfeld. In fact, he probably hired them.

If I ever had an issue, needed time off, or anything Bob always told me he would take care of me. The strangest thing about when Bob would say something like this it’s that you knew he meant it. You knew that he was going to take care of you. One of the times that I had to work a double shift I came in the following day to find an envelope in my mail box. Inside was a gift card to a local restaurant and a note from Bob saying thanks for the hard work. He didn’t have to do that. I certainly didn’t ask for it. That’s just the kind of man Bob Ausfeld was.

One of my favorite moments working for Bob was one of those times that I had to work a 14 hour day. I was behind the board helping with our live broadcast from Buffalo Bills training camp. It was around the thirteenth hour of the day, and I loaded the wrong file in. That file happened to contain someone dropping multiple F bombs. It went out over the radio. I thought I was fired. The next day I was in the studio and Bob looked in the window and it startled me, He laughed, and came into the studio. I immediately apologized and he just smiled. “Shit happens.” That’s what he said to me with that trademark grin on his face. He goes “I know you didn’t do that on purpose. You were working a long day, and these things happen. Don’t worry about it.”

With this loss the Capital Region not only loses one of the most influential men in radio, but the world loses a kind and gentle man. If everyone could strive to be like Bob, I think the world would be a happier place.

On behalf of all of us here at X-Jock (we all worked for Bob at one time) we just want to send out our condolences to the Ausfeld family. Goodbye, Bob.



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  1. I owe so much to “The king” that’s what I always called him. Always will.

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