Korea’s Hanwha Eagles Installs Robots To Do Your Cheering At Baseball Games [VIDEO]

Just when you were getting on baseball for being late to the technology party,  the sport has stepped into a whole new world of high-tech gadgetry.  In their 145th year, Major League Baseball here in the U.S. has finally adopted an Instant Replay Policy, the last of the major sports to do so.   Korea’s baseball league is now standing on their shoulders and knocking down unimaginable barriers.   Say hello to Fanbots – robots that relay your face and cheers to players during the game while you’re in the comforts of home.  Robots.

Korea’s Hanwha Eagles baseball team has installed “Fanbots” – robots into the stands at their stadium, which will relay cheers you dictate. You’re probably as guilty as I am of checking sports scores on your smartphone several times per hour.  We all update Facebook, Tweet or Instagram about our favorite teams, cheering them on while we’re not actually at the game.  While the idea of robots doing our cheering sounds crazy, the difference between what we currently do isn’t all that much, is it?

You’ll now be able to send notes or instruct robots to rally behind the Eagles from anywhere in the world.  You can even upload your photo onto the robot’s face at the game.  Imagine being on the couch and instead of Tweeting to the Yankees, you have a robot cheer on your favorite player – let’s say Francisco Cervelli (what?).  Cervelli is more than likely never going to see your tweet.  I’d imagine half of your 49 followers probably won’t even favorite it.  However, you could actually see your cheers in the stands with a Fanbot.  Unlike the other 40,000 fans in the stadium, blending in as just a blur, you can certainly bet that players, all fans, cameras and the nation’s eyes would be on the dozen or so Fanbots as your cheers take place.

Several questions come to mind regarding the Fanbots:

1) What is the waiting period between the time I post to the robot and the time the cheer takes place?  “Go Cervelli!” …as Derek Jeter is up to bat.

2) What if you wanted to cheer for the other team?  Maybe your brother is playing?

3) Will there be a “Fanbot” camera? How will I know my cheer really goes through – and how do I apply for that job?  “I operate the camera that watches robots.”

4) Can I buy into the first vendor that creates counterfeit robot jerseys?  “$20 for the “Fanbot 00″ jersey, please.”

Check out the video and see the Fanbots in action and take our poll – are the robots awesome or creepy?

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