Is Robert Downey Jr Planning on Doing Iron Man 4?

The recent success of Marvel’s movies can be attributed to two things: great writing and Robert Downey Jr. His 2008 portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man launched Marvel’s phase one, and thanks to that Downey Jr is now the highest paid actor in the world. So is he going to continue the role that helped relaunch his career?

According to some recent comments, the answer would be yes. That is, as long as everything is right.

Downey Jr told Entertainment Weekly that it comes down the Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige and co. has to come to Downey Jr with a solid plan. If that plan works out, we might see another stand alone Iron Man film.

Now personally, I would be fine without another Iron Man movie, though I did love the three that Marvel has put out. They may have gone a bit backwards when it came to the Mandarin, but I can forgive them for that.

Marvel’s latest project, “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, is set to be out in just a few weeks. Geeks everywhere are very excite for this one and for good reason. It’s going to eventually bring them together with the Avengers in possible Avengers 3.  We’ll certainly need Tony Stark for those.

Downey Jr just signed on to do two more Avengers films, so we’ll have him for at least those. But, he seems pretty down for a fourth solo gig.

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