Weird Al’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ is the #1 Album in The Country

I have listened to Weird Al since my high school days, when PYX106 still had Dr. Demento every Sunday night. From Another One Rides The Bus to White and Nerdy, I have been a fan. And now that he’s #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts beating out Jason Mraz, Rise Against and Kids Bop. I’m hoping he comes to Albany!


He started out recording in a bathroom and sending his music to Dr. Demento, who started to play him on his weekly syndicated, but now no longer produced show, that played locally on rocker WPYX FM. From there, the requests came in and got played more and finally hit the main stream when he parodied Michael Jackson’s hit Beat It, with ‘Eat It’. The word was, Michael loved the song and it earned Al his first Grammy. In honor of Weird Al’s #1 album, here are some of my favorite Weird Al songs I want to share.

I Love Rocky Road


Amish Paradise


Alternative Polka


White and Nerdy


and last but not least…



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