Peyton Manning Caught Dancing During Denver Broncos Training Camp [VIDEO]

Denver Broncos quarter back, Peyton Manning, is probably one of the greatest NFL players on the field that we have ever witnessed.  Five MVP awards, countless records and a Super Bowl champion.  His off-field antics make us love the “The Sheriff” even more.  Whether his endless, comical endorsement commercials or his SNL skits, Manning is a star on camera. Today, we caught a glimpse of what Manning would look like if we married his two personas.  Peyton was caught goofing off on the field today – dancing, busting a move and getting down with the get down.  Err…sort of.

Peyton Manning may be smooth on his feet with a football in his hands, but when it comes to cutting the rug? Not so much.  Check out the video which captures Manning dancing (can we call it that?) to the song Rocky Top, Peyton’s college alma mater fight song:


Even at age 38 and having accomplished all one can in football, he still knows how to stay light on his feet and keep his team smiling.  Unless he’s looking for a post-NFL career in Dancing With the Stars? At last check, no QB has brought home the Mirror Ball trophy.





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