Joba Chamberlain Returns To Yankee Stadium With a New Look

Former New York Yankee, Joba Chamberlain, made his return to the Bronx yesterday for the first time since signing with the Detroit Tigers last December.  Wearing pinstripes for seven seasons and winning a World Series ring, you’d think Yankee fans would cheer Joba at first sight.  However, it took a while recognize him.  A long while.  Check out what Joba looks like these days.

When the Tigers came to the Bronx last night to play the Yankees, most of us fans knew that we would be seeing former Yankee pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, for the first time since his departure after last season.  Say what you will, but out of the bullpen to start his career, Chamberlain was great – 118 strike outs in 100 innings and a 2.60 ERA in 2008.  In 2009, he picked up a victory as the Yankees won the World Series.  A man worth a modest clap upon his return, at least.  The problem – I’m not sure anyone could recognize Joba.  Here is what showed up wearing his uniform:

I know the Yankees have a policy about not allowing facial hair, but that beard could pass a bush in the front yard.  Also, I’m fairly certain that Joba packed on a few (hundred) pounds.  Chamberlain’s profile weight is a sketchy 260 pounds.  We’ve also ready such faulty rumors that Bartolo Colon only tips the scales at 285.  Replace the “2” with a “3” and I’d be more apt to buy said rumors.

Let’s take a look at Joba Chamberlain as a Yankee and then as a Tiger:

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Yankee management has a personal appearance code?  Do the Tigers not employ trainers or barbers out there in Detroit?

Two thoughts come to mind on Joba Chamerlain’s new look:

1) He’s secretly interested in trying out for the Detroit Lions. Their Center, Dominic Raiola, is no Spring chicken. I say secretly because let’s be honest – nobody wants to play for the Lions.

2) He ate C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia, a starter for the Yankees, hasn’t been seen on the mound since May 10th.  “Knee injury.”  Riiiggghhht.

His stats this season are pretty good, to be honest – 22 holds in 49 games and  a 3.02 ERA so far.  However, are we sure this is even Joba Chamberlain here?  Take another look at this wildebeest and decide for yourself:

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