Will You Sign The Petition for a ‘Weird Al’ Superbowl Half Time Show? [POLL]

Hot off having the #1 album in the country, “Mandatory Fun”, Weird Al’s fans are trying to help him get another great honor. Getting him a half time show at the Superbowl. 

-Weird_Al-_YankovicMany people may be thinking why would they ever have him? Well, I can name a few. First he’s a great show man. His shows are always highly attended by his fans. Second, obviously the people want a show that will entertain and and be fun, and fun is something Weird Al has in abundance. His songs are not offensive and always make you laugh and smile. Well they do for me anyways.

As of this writing, the petition is just shy of 60,000 signatures and needs only another 15,000 more to reach their goal. Wether the NFL will actually have him or not is still up in the air, but I’m betting that if enough people make their voices heard, then they would have to listen to them. I get they want big names for these shows and it’s big money, but in age of the Internet, Weird Al is a big name. And the fact he has a number one album, kind of gives him some street cred. Plus, he’s not just a one hit wonder. He’s been around a long time and has a TV show and specials as well as made a movie. While the movie didn’t do great at the box office, it was still pretty damn funny and it’s a cult classic.


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