Teenager Lived in a Walmart for Four Days and No One Noticed

Employees say they were shocked when they discovered a 14 year old kid was living in their store for the past four days. I’m kind of surprised it didn’t end up on the people of Walmart blog. How did he do it?

Walmart_exteriorAccording to reports, he set up two different camp sites inside the store using stroller boxes, packages of toilet paper and paper towels to build his little forts.  He also used diapers so he didn’t have to go to a bathroom to do his business and made a hole in a drink aisle to take things and not be noticed. They caught him when he left a trail of garbage back to one of his hiding spots. Child Protective Services said the boy was staying with relatives when we went missing, and Walmart has no plans to file charges.

Growing up as a kid, I would have loved to do something like this, but I always got yelled at when I tried to climb into the shelves. And the diaper idea was obviously something he got from hardcore gamers. Myrna Aguilar, a store customer was quoted as saying “You never expect that you’re at Walmart, and someone has been living there for four days that’s crazy.” She obviously hasn’t been to a midnight opening of a blockbuster movie, or midnight launch of a new game. Welcome to ‘Merica Myrna.

Fox News

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