So Many Albany Area Restaurants Cited for Health Code Violations

Get ready to rethink where you want to go out to dinner this weekend. Many Albany, NY area restaurants have been cited for various health code violations, and chances are you’ve eaten at more than one of them. 

When I first read this article put together by the Albany Business Review, I got a little sick. Why? Because I have gone to a few of the restaurants on this list of health code violations. Cooked food being contaminated by raw meat. Not enough refrigeration for the amount of cold food they have. Potentially hazardous foods not stored at the proper temperature. The list of violations goes on.

It’s the kind of stuff that Gordon Ramsay would scoff at on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.



I should also mentioned that while some of the restaurants received health code violations, they were reinspected and no critical violations were found. However, some of them have not yet been reinspected.

Here are a few of the restaurants on the list suffering from violations:

  • Applebee’s Rt. 9W Glenmont, NY
  • Andy’s Place New Scotland Ave. Albany, NY
  • The Barrel Saloon Broadway Albany, NY
  • Bruegger’s Bagles N. Pearl St. Location Albany, NY
  • Garden Bistro 24 At Vista Slingerlands, NY
  • Inferno Pizza Western Ave Guilderland, NY
  • The Milestone Rt. 9W Glenmont, NY
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill Western Ave. Guilderland, NY
  • Peaches Cafe Stuyvesant Plaza
  • Pig Pit BBQ Cohoes
  • Pizzeria UNO Crossgates
  • The Standard Crossgates

That’s just some of the names on the list. See the complete report from the Business Review here. Gross.



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