Sharks v. Internet : Watch Sharks Chew On Underwater Internet Cables [VIDEO]

It’s not the NSA, FBI or dictatorial governments that don’t want you to have access to the internet, it’s sharks!

It seems some light has been shed on why underwater communication cables that carry internet traffic have stopped working. It seems sharks like to chew on them. The theory is since sharks are sensitive to electromagnetic energy, the sense the cables and just start gnawing on them, like Mynoks in Star Wars chew on owner cables.

Basically, the shark chews the cable, breaking through the outer shell, causing sea water to get in and short out the electrical connections inside. Hence, we lose the Interwebs.

Since Google relies on dependable connections for their data centers all over the world, they have come up with a Kevlar like sheath to go over the cables to protect them.

Check out this video of a shark going at an underwater communications cable. They should show some of this on Shark Week.

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