The X-Cast: #GeekShow Episode 4 – Star Wars For a Change [AUDIO]


Spoiler Alert! After a ton of news and rumors that came out the last couple days for the new Star Wars movie and for the new TV show Rebels, we figured we needed to get on this and do a show, so we’re back after a little over a week. 

Some of the rumors we covered were the Han Solo concept art, the Inquisitors in Rebels and the rumor they are in the new movie, as well as a possible Mon Calamari being a main character as well as the possible plot of Episode VII and how all of what we have heard, seems to fit together into the rumored story line for the movie. From that we talked a little about some news coming out about a few of the TV shows returning we are looking forward to. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being one of them and some of the new faces we will see, like Lucy Lawless, Kyle MacLachlan and Adrianne Palicki joining as Mockingbird.

So you know the drill, put on some headphone and hit play, time for another exciting episode of GEEK SHOW! (You know, that sounded so cool in my head, but looking at it on the screen, not so much…)


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