Texas Beer Company Rolls Out New 99 Pack of Beer

Because a 30 rack isn’t enough anymore, one Texas beer company is doing it bigger. And why shouldn’t they? They are in Texas, after all. 



First of all, I was totally sold on this product based on the fact that it’s call Peacemaker. Second of all, how mush would it cost to get this deliciousness shipped to my home?

The 99 pack, rolled out by Austin Beerworks checks in at 80 pounds and looks to be about 8 feet long. You will certainly need two people for a beer run if you’re grabbing a 99 pack. You’ll also need a moving truck.

It’s not that outrageous either. At $99, that’s about a dollar a beer. Good luck finding that value at any bar or restaurant.

Unfortunately unless you were one of the few who bought it when in hit stores, it’s sold out. Trial run of 20 hit the selves, and disappeared as fast as it was stocked.

I reached out to the company, and State law in Texas prohibits them from shipping beer to another state. So I guess we’re really out of luck.

However, you can visit Austin Beerworks and try their beer for yourself! But, they can’t sell anything to you to take home, so drink up while you’re there.

Until these guys go big, we’ll just be sitting here with our small cases of beer.


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