Why I’m Not Ready To Trust DC Comics

With the announcement that The Rock will be playing Black Adam in an upcoming DC Comics’ film (most likely Shazam) it has a lot of us going “ugh.” 



So why that reaction? Why not that reaction?

More often than not DC Comics has let us down. Don’t be blinded by the awesomeness of Christopher Nolan’s Dr Knight trilogy. Yes, those were great, but forget them. When it comes to feature films DC has not done so well.

Tim Burton’s Batman films used to be held in high regard, but not so much anymore. Nostalgia wise, yes we all love them, but really? Really?

As a matter of fact the only really great things that DC has ever done right have to do with Batman. I think that has a lot to do with the darkness of the character.

After the greatness that Christopher Nolan laid upon us, it is going to be hard for DC Comics to build the kind of audience that Marvel has built over the last 6 or so years. But that’s the key, YEARS.

So DC has this Batman vs. Superman movie coming out. Remember how I said to forget the Christopher Nolan stuff? You should, because neither him, or Christian Bale, has anything to do with this. We are starting from the ground floor. Well, the second floor. Henry Cavill is continuing to play Superman/Clark Kent. Now let’s just hope they do a better job than they did with “Man of Steel” which left many of us going “Oh DC, you got me again.”

Let me be clear, I did not hate “Man of Steel.” I liked it. I didn’t love it. As far as origin story goes, it wasn’t very well done. Characters were introduced sloppily, and Superman murdered someone. Granted it was to save people, but still. Not what Superman does.

Now I hear tell that DC is set to introduce a whole mess of characters in this Batman vs. Superman venture, and why? To try and play catch up with Marvel. They want a Justice League movie to compete with Avengers. The problem us that DC does not yet have the street cred. You can’t just throw it in our faces and expect us to like it. You have to earn our trust. That’s why “Guardians of the Galaxy” did so well.

DC has done some stuff right in the past, but that’s mainly on the animated front. There is no denying that DC’s animated universe is one of the best. “Batman the Animated Series” is still one of the best superhero TV shows to date.

Bottom line, if you see people not yet ready to trust in DC Comics it shouldn’t come as a shock.

With that being said, I will be going to see Batman vs Superman in two years when it finally comes out. Until I see it through till the end and see DC Comics overall plan, I will continue to look at this as glass half empty.

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