Student From Schenectady Wants This Awesome Photo In the Yearbook, And They Should Totally Let Him

Those of you who know me know that I am a lover of cats – particularly my cat, Magellin. I want you to meet Draven Rodriguez, who wants this photo to be allowed in his high school year book. There’s even an online petition for it. 

iPetitions/Vincent Giordano

iPetitions/Vincent Giordano

I say yes. Let this photo live on for all eternity. I mean, if we’re going to let Miley Cyrus get on stage a twerk with a weird animated cat behind her, why not allow Dravan to opportunity to live on forever as the laser cat guy at Schenectady High?

Go for it Dravan. You rock on, you party animal you.

Yes, I signed his petition. I would sign it again. Long live laser cats!

Sign the petition here


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  1. Draven Rodriguez

    Hey. Thanks for the mention! I see there’s a few shares, too.

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