Adrian Peterson Was Wrong – There’s a Difference Between Discipline and Abuse

I have seen quite a few reactions to the current situation that Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson has gotten himself into. I’m here to tell you that what he did is wrong. 

Late Friday the news that Adrian Peterson was indicted on child abuse charges. The Vikings deactivated him for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots, and they should be applauded by this move. Some fans even modified their Peterson jerseys to show how they feel about the situation.


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Make no mistake about it. Adrian Peterson abused his 4 year-old child.

I’ve seen people say that he’s been suspended for “spanking” his child, and you couldn’t be more wrong. What Adrian Peterson did was wrong. He took a weapon and proceeded to beat a child with it. He cut him with it, and left visible bruises on the child. The report said that he even left a cut on the child’s scrotum. A four year old child. Big man this Adrian Peterson is.  If he did this to an adult he would be brought in on assault charges.

You can say that every parent has the right to discipline their children however they want, but beating a child to the point where they are bleeding is crossing a line.

People have said that it’s part of the culture if the South. If that is part of the culture maybe we need to take a closer look at this part of the country and figure out why parents are so violent. This may have been acceptable at one point in history, but I would like to think that we as a people have grown beyond this sort of thing.

I think an emotional Chris Carter said it best Sunday on ESPN:

Yes I was spanked as a child. But this is far beyond that. If my closest friend was doing this you can bet that I wouldn’t hesitate to call child protective services on them.

Chances are that if you see no problem with what Adrian Peterson did here, you’re a child abuser or you are okay with child abuse.

One thing that bothers me the most about this is that Peterson above anyone else should know better. Just a year ago he had to bury his two year-old child who was beaten to death by the man who the child’s mother was dating.

Do I think that Adrian Peterson is a bad person? No. However I think that he lost his cool and unfortunately people are responsible for their actions. At no point in time is it ever okay to beat a child. NEVER. So now Peterson will have to answer for what he did to that poor child, and it may cost him his job.

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