For The Third Year Miss America is Miss New York!

For the third CONSECUTIVE year Miss New York has been crowned the new Miss America. Makes you wonder – what’s in the New York water lately?

red cupI grew up watching the Miss America pageant almost every year. I was always disappointed that Miss New York either didn’t make the top rounds or didn’t win. Prior to these three Miss New York’s becoming Miss America – there had not been a Miss America since Vanessa Williams in 1984! Either way – I was, and still am, a big fan of the beauty pageants.

It’s not the swimsuits or the evening wear that drew my attention. It wasn’t even the “how can these women be this beautiful” thought. It was the talent. I loved watching the different talents that the women had. These days it seems so cliche – everyone’s talent is dancing or singing…that gets boring after awhile. It was nice to see that talent is 35% of a contestant’s total score – that’s the highest percentage. So there’s a lot of pressure on them.

I thought there were two amazing talents this year. Miss Ohio did an AMAZING ventriloquist act and Miss New York did a different and interesting singing and cup taping act to the song Happy. They were both entertaining and pretty amazing. Miss New York is getting some backlash from people online who say it’s not a good enough talent to win the competition. Did you miss the performance? Watch it here.

Miss New York says she did it to show young girls that you don’t have to have an over the top performance to win Miss America. Right she is! There are going to be people who are going to find fault with anyone that wins. Here’s what I say to them – get over it!

Congratulations to the new Miss America, Kira Kazantsev from Manhattan, New York!

Rock on New York!

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