Mojang Tells Minecraft Users “F*@K YOU!” With Their Sale to Microsoft

Markus Persson, aka “Notch” has broken his silence on the sale of his company, Mojang, creator of Minecraft to Microsoft. Essentially he’s a hypocrite and has no clue how to respond to being called out on it.

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Now I am a Minecraft player and run a private server. Let’s get that out of the way. And I am pissed at the actions of Notch and his company for doing what they did, knowing full well, their fans would be up in arms about it. Well, let me tell what what I think of all this. Notch, for all intents and purposes, lied to his customers and fans. That is the simple truth. He had said on many occasions what he thought of big companies, like Microsoft, and how they do games and treat gamers. They even offered to buy Mojang before and they said no. Now that they threw some more money at them, it appears that the old saying that “Everyman has his price”, is pretty much true in Notch’s case. That price being $1.7 of the $2.5 Billion selling price.

In a message he wrote ,Notch said:

“I’m aware this goes against a lot of what I’ve said in public. I have no good response to that.”

Of course he dosen’t, because he sold out and he knows it. He goes on to say that he doesn’t want to be a symbol for something he doesn’t understand. Let me explain it then in simple terms. You created a game that millions fell in love with, it was a huge hit, and people looked to you because they made an emotional connection to your work, and in extension, to you. Then you blew them off and took the first bit of money that came your way.

Like it or not, you stood for something many of us believed in. We shared your vision of games and gaming. Leaders sometimes just don’t step forward, they are chosen for whatever reason. You were chosen, then you ran away. It’s not that you ran away that makes me upset with you, it’s the fact you took the money and ran away. Congrats on your new found fortune, and may it make you comfortable.

What Microsoft will do with Minecraft now, we have no idea. But with their past play book, it’s only a matter of time till the Minecraft we know, is gone forever.

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  1. You are a gigantic faggot, Mojang/Notch aren’t giving a big “F*@K YOU!”

    Notch wanted to sell the company so that he could have a life.

    Read more about it before you go blabbering on and on.


    • Well thought out argument. Name calling works in your favor when trying to present a counter point. Back to school with you child. Play with your glue and remember not to eat it.

      As to getting out to keep sane, if you read the end of the article before you went off, you would have noticed I wasn’t mad at him for leaving, but how he left.

      He had years to just go and leave it all behind, instead he stayed to run the company. He could have easily said and like say Minecon, “It’s been great but I have other stuff I want to do. I’ll be around.”

      Plus, he IS a hypocrite. He said he had no response to being called out. So from that I take that his whole stance on big game companies was either bullshit, or, well, honestly I think it was bullshit. He took the money and ran. Pretty simple. He could have left the money behind. I can’t fault him for the amount, but he could have taken a lot less and gave some of it away if he was so altruistic.

      So to sum up if this was too much for you to read, I’m not upset he left, just how he did it. And he’s a hypocrite.

  2. Markus Persson and his Mojang minions sat in a room and discussed with Microsoft what to *do* about the community in regards to Bukkit. Then when that meeting was over they all left that room and set about executing that plan as discussed. That my homophobic reply troll is why the title and tone of this article is spot on. If you don’t like it and if it hurts your eyes, then don’t read it. Because what Markus Persson did was an act of revenge on a community that in his own words upset him with the things they said about him. Mojang had enough money by all accounts to help separate poor Markus Persson from the not nice things people say by getting a real executive team rather then the “nerds” (Markus Persson word choice not mine) he had handling the company… but his choice was to sell to Microsoft. Something he knew would upset us all.

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