Derek Jeter Hangs Out With Fans, Says Goodbye to New York in Gatorade Ad

There are few players in sports that have such a cultural impact. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods. These three men are the faces of their respected sports, even though they may have been retired or removed from the sport for some time. The same goes for Derek Jeter, who is getting ready to hang it up for good in just a few short weeks. 

In sports these days it is very rare to find someone who has stayed with one team their entire career. Since 1995 Derek Jeter has been wearing his pinstripes proudly.

This last season for Jeter has been a tough one. Coming off of last season where he played so few games after dealing with injuries, this final season has been a little disappointing stat wise. Certainly it’s been very emotional for Jeter every step of the way.

Despite the disappointment, when the Captain Hangs it up after his final game (which will be at Fenway Park by the way) baseball will be losing someone who has been the face of the organization since helping to win that 1996 World Series.


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