Throwback Thursday – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as A Marvel Character

I was going through some backups of the old site that I found and thought this  story about The Rock being in a Marvel movie was appropriate for a Throwback Thursday, since he has announced he is going to be Black Adam in a new Shazam movie for DC. Sherman, set the wayback machine to May 15th, 2013.

dwayne-johnson-the-rock-celebrity-751872763It always fun to speculate and guess who would be cast as one of your favorite heroes in a movie. I remember thinking how a Spider-Man movie shouldn”t be made back in the late 80”s and early 90”s with out actress Louise Robey from the Friday the 13th TV cable series. I though she would make an awesome Mary Jane! But now with the new Marvel movies, there is talk about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joining the Marvel universe. But as who?

An article at Movie Pilot tipped me off to the fact the Marvel big wig Kevin Feige is a fan of The Rock, and thinks he would be great in a Marvel movie. Kevin says, “I think yeah, I mean his name has come up in the past. I’m a gigantic fan of his, I think he’s an incredible — I might have met him once a long time ago, but I haven’t really met him. I don’t really know him — but I think he’s an unbelievable personality and an unbelievable sort of force of nature.”

I totally agree with you Kevin. I even like the commercial he did for the “got milk” campaign for the SuperBowl. But the question would be, who would The Rock be? It”s a tough question best left to the Internet to figure out a short list and go from there. The article’s author says he could see him as Namor. As an actor, yeah, he could totally do it. But he would need to slim down a lot, as Namor would have the body of a swimmer. The Rock is more of a “Tank” or “Scrapper” kind of hero body type.

So who do you think The Rock could be in a future Marvel movie? Meanwhile, here is the Milk commercial to see The Rock in action.

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  1. There is only one character and one character only .A role he is made for.A role that has a popular enough marvel character and with Dwayne Johnson a big enough personality to make multiple movies.That role is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as “The Punisher”.He has already played in similar type roles I.e. G.I.joe,Doom. I would say Cable.But The Rock and Marvel deserve Bigger.Sorry Cable fans Punisher is more Bankable at the Box office.Mr Feige make this happen.You have the rights to Punisher back Dont waste it!!

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