BJ’s All-Time Favorite Pirates of Pop-Culture

Being that today happens to be National Talk Like A Pirate Day – argh – it got me thinking all about the pirates that I have loved through the years. 

Who among us can say that they don’t love pirates? They may not be the best in terms of their moral choices, but man are they fun. Sailing the seas. Having a diet that consists of mostly rum. It doesn’t sound all that bad. You know – except for being criminals and what not.

In literature, TV and film there have been plenty of pirates. My list might not hit on some of the ones that you love, but I think it’s pretty.

6: The Air Pirates – Tale Spin

air pirates


No one made life harder for Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker in Disney’s “Tale Spin” than Don Karnage and the Air Pirates. Not only were they pirates, but they flew in planes. Plus Don Karnage had a sweet accent – French maybe?

5. Blackbeard – Edward Teach



This guy was a the terror of the Caribbean and West Indies with his ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge. He has ties to America as well, and ended up forming a pirate alliance to lead a blockade of the port of Charleston, South Carolina. His flag above made sailors very nervous when they saw it approaching.

4. Captain Morgan

I’m pretty sure this guy is based on Blackbeard. Rum and pirates go together, and the Captain Morgan knows how to party.

3. Captain Hook

TriStar Pictures

TriStar Pictures

My fondest memories of Captain Hook are from the movie “Hook.” Dustin Hoffman did such a great job with the role. So that’s how I will remember him no matter how many times “Once Upon a Time” screws him up. Plus he’s not all that bad, as long as you happen to have an alligator handy or maybe a clock just to keep him on his toes.

2. The Pirates of Dark Water



Sailing the high seas with aliens? How could any ’90s kid not eat this show up? The adventures of Ren on the world of Mer seeking out the treasure of Rule. Too bad it didn’t last more than 21 episodes. It also came with a great game for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow



Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the most recognized pirates in recent pop culture history. He was such a success that Disney added a version of Capt. Jack into their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Talk about making an impact.

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  1. Captain Morgan is based on the Welsh privateer Henry Morgan

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