Woman Spent $20,000 To Get A Third Boob “Installed”

A Florida massage therapist spent $20,000 to have a third breast placed on her chest. I know, it’s like that hooker in Total Recall, but freaky because it’s real life. Holy Cow!

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Jasmine Tridevil spent not only $20,000 to have her new breast “installed” (I have no other words for this..), also is spending more money to have a film crew follow her around in hopes she will get an MTV show and she will become a celebrity. Well, I think this will make you famous, but not for what you were hoping for. Plus, if you do get famous, what are you going to do with that 3rd breast? I mean honestly, it’ll be an elephant in the room!

But she says, fame is not the real reason she had it done. She doesn’t want to date anymore and she did it to keep men away. I’m sure they will stay away because honestly, I think you smell of crazy and not a single male, with the exception of Howard Wolowitz, before he met Bernadette, would even go near you. So no worries there.

Jasmine said she had to find a doctor willing to do this procedure, and she had to call between 50 to 60 to find one, and I totally believe it. I’m guessing you got his number off of a ladies room bathroom stall as no ethical doctor would do this. Where is “Dr. Ernie’s House o’ Boobs” located anyways? Is he in the Yellow Pages?

And to really drive this story home, she has an F.A.Q. video on Youtube. You have got to watch this, but be warned, this may make you feel “wired”. It sure as hell gave me the willies.

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