Alaska Weed Reporter is Just Another Annoying Pot Head

By now you have seen the reporter, Charlo Greene, and her epic “F**k it, I quit” moment that has rocked the internet. She quit her job has a reporter to fight the good fight to get weed legalized. 

If you haven’t seen the video, here you go. Be warned, there is NSFW language.

Apparently Charlo cares an awful lot about people being able to smoke weed. Whether or not she has her eyes on the medical purpose is yet to be seen, but this new report from TMZ might prove that she’s just in it to get really, really high all THE TIME.

The report that they uncovered states that Charlo and her boyfriend smoked so much weed in their apartment that it made their neighbors child violently ill.

Let me deviate a moment. I had a neighbor on one side of me at one point while living in apartments that smoked cigarettes so much that our apartment started to smell like cigarette smoke. Yes, you can do whatever you want in your own apartment or home, but when it becomes an unwanted problem for your neighbors, that’s when you have to adjust your lifestyle. In our case, the neighbor realized it and started to only smoke outside.

Back to the story. The neighbor eventually told the building manager about the toke-fest going on above their apartment. Charlo didn’t like that, so she began to threaten the neighbor.

Now, the neighbor has a restraining order against Charlo, and the battle will go to court.

Obviously, Charlo is just trying to make her horrible pot smoking hobby legal and doesn’t really care about “freedom” like she claims. If she cared about freedom, she would also care about the freedom of people who don’t want to be in a cloud of smoke.

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