Will There Be A Fappening 3? Looks Like It!

The first Fappening got a lot of attention, so no one figured a second one would happen since law enforcement started looking into it. Now it looks like we could have a third one going down in a matter of a week or less, if you believe strange posts on text pasting websites. 

54586922One of my regular sites I visit is Pastebin, where I like to look for snippets of programming code that I can use or learn from. But the site is also used by hacking groups, like Anonymous, to post news releases and documents on people they don’t like, which is called “doxing”. Well, a new post in the trending section caught my eye. It looks like a 3rd release of nude celebrity photos is imminent according to the post.

If this is actually going to happen, is a mystery. So all we can do is wait and see. But I would think since the first one got so much attention that these people would lay low. Seems like they enjoy the rush of doing bad things and evading the law. I got news for you folks, you will get caught, it’s only a matter of time. You’ll make one mistake and that will be the end of it. Or someone that you bragged to will turn you in, or one of your accomplices will get caught and sing like a bird, just like in all those cop TV shows we all see.


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The guy who keeps this joint running, and digital hipster, because meat space is soooo old!

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