Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere Hits The Ground Running

The box office has been very good to Marvel, and though it was slow going for them at first with season one of Agents of SHIELD, they got the second season off to a fast start. 



We were left off at the end of season one with SHIELD in ruins after the Hyrda coming out party. Now SHIELD and its agents are fugitives from the law, but they have not stopped their mission of defending the world from bad guys.

Season 2 picks up several months after the season one finale. Skye is now a full blown agent working very closely with agent May. There are also some fresh faces added into the mix, but no telling how long they’ll be sticking around.

Now for Spoiler Stuff, so read no further unless you’ve seen the show.

Lucy Lawless was the leader of a group of mercenaries working with Coulson and the agents, but it looks like it was just a one episode role. Her Izzy Hartley character was a Shield Agent who seemed to have spent most of her time undercover, which led her to be the leader of the mercenaries she’s leading. Unfortunately it looks like this is a one episode thing, as it her character was seemingly killed off at the end of the episode. But you never know, she could be back. It seems odd that they would cast someone as recognizable as here for just one episode.

One of the mercenaries working with her is Lance Hunter, played by Nick Blood. Right now I can’t really see what his motives are for working with Coulson other than a bit of loyalty to Hartley, and money. I’m sure he’ll prove to be more valuable as the season goes on.

Almost right away we’re introduced to a classic Marvel villain in Carl Creel aka Absorbing Man. Anything he touches he can turn his body into, making him a tough foe to face. He’s working with Hydra, and after the first ever 084 which just happens to be the Obelisk. If it’s what I’m thinking it is, we may soon see another Marvel villain in Kang the Conqueror. That is if they stick to the comics.

A bit of background on the first ever 084. It was found by Agent Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos when locking down a Hydra base. I believe we also see a Kree alien in a box found at the base, which would make sense since we saw that at the end of last season’s finale. It’s the creature which the GH-325 (Tahiti juice) is made out of. We’ll see more of Agent Carter in the show focused around her and the SSR, which was the organization around before Shield.

In the flashback scene with Agent Carter, also a preview for her show that will be on in January, we meet Daniel Whitehead who is also known as the Kraken. He’s a bad ass in the comics, and certainly the “big bad” of this season. He is also seen at the very end of the episode, and is the one giving Absorbing Man orders.

We see in this episode that Coulson has been very busy evading the US government and leading Shield. He’s trying to rebuild the organization, but isn’t getting much help from other military forces.

Ward is being kept locked up underground and being used for information gathering and intell on Hydra. He seems to want to reconcile, but who knows if he can be trusted yet. Though, he seems to know something about Skye’s father, who will be played by Kyle McLauchlan in this coming season.

SPOILER: Fitz is alive, but clearly damaged from nearly dying at the bottom of the ocean. One twist is that he’s talking to Simmons the entire episode, until they decided to make her go all Bruce Willis on us. Turns out Fitz is just talking to himself, but he thinks it’s Simmons, who Coulson said left. No telling where she is right now, but you can bet she won’t be gone long. Either way it’s very sad to see Fitz this way.

Skye has been working on missions but also cracking that Kree code that we saw Coulson writing down at the end of last season. No real developments on that just yet.


I already know that there will be some major crossover into Avengers 2 this spring, and that we are going to see more characters added to this roster. Most notably Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird, but that’s not till later in the season.

Buckle up kids, because this ride is going to fun and full of adventure.


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