The X-Cast: GeekShow Episode 5 – Fall Premiers and Movies


The start of the new TV season is here and some of the shows we have been waiting for have arrived. Now comes the time to see if all the hype, was well deserved, or not. BJ and I separate the metaphorical Men from the boys in this episode. 

We start off with the Batman movie prequel, Gotham, which follows a young Detective James Gordon as he realises he’s a good cop in a dirty town. I know BJ was really looking forward to this, and we both see this show as a way for DC to help jumpstart it’s lackluster offerings compared to Marvel. From there we moved on to the first episode of season two for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Not to leave the movie side of things out, we talked about the Deadpool movie that will finally get made, and we looked at the rumors and what we do know and gave our thoughts on what could happen. Moving on, we discussed the new X-Men movie, that is die in 2016. Yeah, it’s still a long ways off, but hey, we figured why not start early. Lay some ground work, ya’ know?

Will Robert Downey Jr. be back as Tony Stark for Iron Man 4? This is a big question, BJ and I dissect, to try and get a clue what will happen. And what’s this about a Venom/Carnage movie? It’s slated to come out before Spider-Man 3? How is that going to work? We throw some theories out on that too. All in all, a fully packed show! So tuck in and listen! It’s #GeekShow time!

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