2 Dumb Teens Try Bending iPhone 6s in an Apple Store and Film Themselves Doing it [VIDEO]

Nobody said being a teen is easy. They have all kinds of stuff to deal with. Seeing if an iPhone 6 will bend, in an Apple Store is definitely not one of those things. It’s just plain stupid. 

So “Cuddy” and “Danny”, who both live in the UK were apparently curious how hard it would be to bend an iPhone. So instead of buying a phone of their own, they decided to try to bend one on display in an Apple Store. Granted, where would 15 and 16 year old kids get the money to buy their own iPhone. Hence why the idea of going to an Apple Store  probably seemed like a good idea at the time. They might have been able to get away with it if they kept a low profile and not act suspicious while in the store. Well, we’re talking about kids here, without a lot of life experience, or parental supervision, so they naturally filmed themselves doing it, and posted it online.

Now the media will no doubt not show their faces, but they already posted the video, and the story has spread. So I have no issues with posting the video myself. This is pretty much going to be one of those lessons these kids learn the hard way, and with any luck, will pass this lesson on to their kids when they are older.

Good luck boys! You’re going to need it..

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