Build Your Own Nerf Sentry Gun For Your Next Nerf War! [VIDEO]

I have a secret love of Nerf stuff. I used to have a Nerf boomerang and loved it. And who hasn’t ever owned a Nerf football? But Nerf has gone even deeper into fun with Nerf swords and guns for play battles. Now, when camped during combat, you can now be sure, the enemy doesn’t sneak up on you. 

This is a Nerf Vulcan Sentry gun. It’s computer controlled and tracks targets and has an auto aim, and it’s freakin cool as hell! The software for the computer can even distinguish friend from foe simply by wearing a t-shirt with a logo in it. Watch this video and see how cool this is! And if you participate in Nerf office wars, can I borrow a rifle and join in? NERF WAAAAR!!!!

About BIG Rich Lawrence

The guy who keeps this joint running, and digital hipster, because meat space is soooo old!

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