East Greenbush Man Arrested After A Sword Fight

An East Greenbush, NY. man was arrested Monday night after he got into a sword fight – with a car.  22 year-old, Matthew Duell, got into an altercation with an acquaintance and when the situation couldn’t be resolved, Duell ventured into his garage and returned with an antique sword.  That’s where things got a tad strange.

During a disagreement in his driveway on Monday night, Matthew Duell of Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush, Duell walked into his garage and came out with a weapon.  Duell’s intimidation tool of choice?  A sword.  Not just any sword, either.  Duell came out brandishing a 1939 Officer’s sword from WWII.

According to reports, Duell used the sword not to fight the man with whom he was arguing with, rather Duell used the weapon to puncture a tire on the acquaintance’s Toyota Camry.  Once police arrived on the scene, Duell was arrested, being charged with both criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon.

Chris Lavin, the police chief, was quoted on TimesUnion.com, stating “Weird. Really weird. It’s one for the books.”  That may be putting it lightly, Chief.  While I cannot condone any violent acts and am glad to see that nobody was hurt in the altercation – who brings a sword to a fight?  Did Duell watch the movie Step Brothers one too many times?  Mid-dispute, did he ask “Do you want to go do Karate in the garage?”  Seriously.

As if pulling out an antique sword during a disagreement isn’t an idea riddled with idiocy, and we’re well aware that Duell didn’t have legal consequences running through his mind, but did he even bother to think that if he popped the tires on this acquaintance’s car – the man won’t be able to drive away? Had police not been called, what would the game plan be? Stare out the window later as he admires his new, tireless Camry? Or maybe leave the man with just a flesh wound?

Regardless of what Duell’s ultimate plan was, we can all rest knowing several things – 1) Nobody was injured. 2) A moron is behind bars. 3) The streets are a tad safer this morning thanks the police.  One question is burning in my mind today, though.  Was the sword autographed by Randy Jackson?

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