Did Subway Go To Far With Their New Halloween Commercial? [POLL]

How exactly does a company that gets the country to fall in love with Jared and singing a catchy tune about five dollar subs get thrown into the “sexist” column? 

Halloween can be a really tough time of year mainly because figuring out what you want to dress up like is a huge headache. We all know that throughout the years the costumes that women wear have gotten smaller, and smaller.

In the latest commercial for Subway, they poked fun at the fact that female costumes have gotten a little bit ridiculous and the all the trouble that women go through at this time of the year. There is a bit of satire with the commercial, but some people are missing it and have called Subway out as sexist.

Now I can see where the sexist arguments are coming from, but I don’t think it was intended as such. I believe it was, like I said before, an ad to poke fun of how ridiculous the female Halloween costume has become.

I mean people are basically parading about in porn star sex fantasy costumes these days.

The biggest problem is that even though people (women) will complain about how awful and sexist these costumes are, they will still buy them, and instagram photos of them and their friends dressed as the sexy versions of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

So do you think that Subway made an intentionally sexist commercial?

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