Fall is the Most Bipolar Season of Them All

Fall is that time of the year when the leaves change colors, the air is crisp, and it’s apparently very acceptable to make every single part of your diet pumpkin spice. If this is true, then why am I freezing in the morning, and sweating in the afternoon?



Don’t get me wrong, I love 98% of what fall/autumn brings to the table. I’m just not a fan of this cold/warm day to night transition period that we are currently going through. It sucks. It just plain sucks.

The official definition:

the third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.

– Google

Fall is great for a lot of things, but this fall seems to be more like summer than the chilly crisp weather we all grew accustomed to throughout our entire lives. We wake up in the morning and it’s temperatures in the 30’s. By the time that we get home we need to change out of our fleeces (A Northface if you happen to be a basic white girl) and jeans into shorts and a t-shirt.

Yesterday I went from hanging out with all the windows open to in a hoodie with the fireplace on. Perhaps this is a good point in time to insert a “life in upstate New York” phrase, but fuck that. It’s confusing, and I know it screws with more than just our body temperature. I’m stuffy, I’m not stuffy. Shit is getting old.

I don’t think I’m asking for more than just consistency here.

Last weekend I ran in a 5k. Most of us who did anticipated a late September 5k that started in the morning to be a tad bit cooler. However the temperatures were near the mid 70’s by the time it started and closer to 80 when all was said and done. Not that it’s horrible, but it’s just not what you think of when you think fall.

So what’s to blame? Climate change?



I will not talk about climate change. I am neither qualified or educated enough to argue sucha  point, but maybe at this point in time we need to not ignore that something may be afoot here with the Earth.

June is cooler, September is hotter. Maybe it’s just time that we moved things around on the ‘ole calendar. What would it hurt, really?

It’s flannel time, dammit. Flannel time.


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