The Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 – Geek Edition

When it comes to Halloween, it’s not just the kids that can have fun with dressing up. Sure, they get the candy too, and it is kind of awkward when a grown-up rings your bell and says “Trick or Treat”. But how fun is it to dress up as your favorite Sci-Fi character or hero? Or even video game characters? Here’s a top 5 we put together to help get the creative juices flowing. 

1. A Character from the New Xbox title “Destiny”

iyyey12bj9bpbugh91l4How about a character from the new hot game that everyone is playing? The anticipation for this game was high with gamers and based solely on screen grabs and game play videos, people were already starting to make their own costumes.


2. Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

hS6T4QEGranted, people that have no clue who Groot is, will obviously ask why you are dressed as a tree. Some more enlightened people may ask if your an Ent. All you have to do is reply with “I AM GROOT” and let them chew on that for a while.




3. Any Number of Star Wars Characters

image.phpWith the release of Star Wars Rebels, (Which BJ and I plan to talk about on the next #GeekShow Podcast) and the hype of Episode VII, anyone from the Star Wars franchise is fair game! Personally, I’m a fan of some of the Clone Troopers from The Clone Wars series. Fives, Echo, Cody, Wolfe, all are great examples. And of course Boba Fett, because, Boba Fett!



4. Rocket from Guardians of The Galaxy

super-005Before Rocket, there were adults dressing a anthropomorphic animals all over the place. They call themselves “Furries” and well, they look like big animals. But it’s safe to say that of all the animals, Rocket is the best known and has a solid following thanks to the comics and now the Guardians of The Galaxy movie.  So why not go as him for Halloween. Just don’t knock over people’s trash cans unless you want an ass full of BB gun.



5. Any “Sexy” Costume (for the Ladies)

sexy-sw-2OK, let’s face it, if a guy tried to wear a “sexy” costume, he would not be able to pull it off. But ladies, if you’r opposed to a “sexy” costume, then simply don’t buy one or wear one. If the demand is not there the costume makers will stop making it, and you could go as any of the above. But if you are a lady that does go for those kinds of costumes, then you’re in luck because there are like a billion of them out there. Name it and it probably exists! Sexy pirate, sexy cop, sexy fire woman. Even sexy Wookie?



Feel free to share your ideas for costumes in the comments and post some of your costumes you’ve worn in the past or are planning on wearing this year!

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