Barber Shop Sign Goes Missing In Glenmont

It’s hard enough being a small business, but when you have to worry about theft of property it makes your life so much more difficult. One Glenmont business learned that when their sign went missing sometime early Tuesday Morning. 

Tiffany’s Barber Shop, located in the Price Chopper Plaza  on Route 9W in Glenmont, NY, has been opened for business for five years. I have been a loyal customer of Tiffany’s since 2009 and on a totally unrelated note, would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

At around 6am on Tuesday October 7, 2014 her signage from in front of her store went missing. A photo (shown below) shows someone in what appears to be a Jeep Cherokee pulling away from the scene.

Tiffany Westervelt

Tiffany Westervelt

Surveillance video also shows someone pulling up and taking the sign in a similar vehicle at the same time.

The question that I have is why would someone take this sign? What are you accomplishing by stealing a small business owners property for no reason at all?

After talking to Tiffany, it would take 15-20 haircuts to pay for a new sign and the  get the lettering redone on it. Not cool, especially with all the other expenses that go into owning your own business.

Unfortunately the Bethlehem Police department needs more information to go on before they can help any further. So if you happen to know any information regarding this please contact the Bethlehem Police at 518-439-9973, and help bring this asshole to justice.


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