Sources Says Sony is Talking About Bringing Spider-Man Back to Marvel

Could it be? Could it really be happening? According to sources with better info then myself or BJ, Sony is in talks with Marvel to either share or give back rights for Spider-Man, to Marvel? Does this mean we’ll be seeing a Civil War movie arc from Marvel Studios?

049BJ and I had talked about this a lot in a few episodes of our #GeekShow podcast. I had always held out hope, but wasn’t sure if it could happen. But a source named Drew McWeeny at the website HitFlix, says he has reliable info that talks are under way, but both sides are being quiet about it. No a grain of salt should still be taken with this news, as until it’s from Sony or Marvel, all it is, is rumor and speculation. Even if a “reliable source” says it’s going on.

All I can say is, I am stoked at this news. Spider-Man is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters. I have followed him since I was 8. Peter Parker and I could be brothers I know him so well. Which is why I get so upset at Sony for trying to pass off their last two Spider-Man movies, as well as that 3rd one with Tobey Maguire, as a Spider-Man movie, because they weren’t. They stank worse then what I can only imagine what Bantha poopie smells like.

But if this does pan out to be true, I will be the first online for opening day of what ever movie they come up with, as I’m sure that with Marvel Studios hands in it, it can only be better then what Sony has given us to date.

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