P.F. Chang’s Paints Horses Pink To Raise Money For Breast Cancer [VIDEO]

The massive horse statues outside of P.F. Chang’s in Colonie Center have been given a new paint job – the stallions are now bright pink! With October being Beast Cancer Awareness month, the restaurant is donating money through social media and you can help them! Read how taking a selfie with a pink horse can help cancer research.

A staple at the Colonie Center mall, the 11′ tall horse statues outside of P.F. Chang’s aren’t difficult to miss. The ponies are now even more noticeable as they have a fresh, bright pink paint job!  ‘Changs has painted the horses in an effort to raise money for cancer research and you decide how much money they’ll donate. Get ready to take a selfie with a horse!

P.F. Chang’s will be donating $1.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every photo taken with one of their pink horses that gets uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and has the hashtag #PaintPFChangsPink.  That simple!

A $1.00 donation to battle cancer and all it will cost you is five seconds worth of your time.  How often will you stroll by the mall this month?  I’m sure you’re headed over that way to perhaps buy a Halloween costume.  Maybe a movie?  Swing by P.F. Chang’s, snap a quick photo and upload it with #PaintPFChangsPink.  Grab some of your fiends and set up a fun, unique group shot!  Help battle cancer, right here in the Capital Region.

Monte X-Jock

Monte X-Jock

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