Priceless Baseball Items Stolen During Break-In At Yogi Berra Museum

A team of burglars broke into the museum of legendary baseball player, Yogi Berra, this week and may have stolen priceless, irreplaceable memorabilia from the Hall of Famer.

According to reports, several pieces of baseball history may have vanished forever during a break-in at the museum of famed catcher,  Yogi Berra.

The 89-year old Berra is mostly known for is playing days as a New York Yankee (1946-1963), where he won a record 10 World Series rings, three Most Valuable Player awards and had his number 8 retired at Yankee Stadium.  After his playing days, Berra became a coach, where he picked up three more World Series championships and eventually landed in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.  A winner on the field his entire life, now Berra may have little tangible evidence thanks to a few low-life thieves, who broke into his Little Falls, NJ. museum.

The most notable items reported stolen were several of Berra’s 10 World Series rings from his playing days and two of his MVP awards.  The glove Berra used to catch Don Larsen’s perfect game int eh 1956 World Series is also missing.   Essex County police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Police may have a difficult time recovering the stolen memorabilia, especially Berra’s World Series rings or MVP awards. If either of these items hit the market, investigators will catch the sellers quickly.  Each item is so unique and valuable, the transaction would have to be made by word of mouth, between trustworthy (can we call thieves and black market-buyers trustworthy?) buyers.  Any mention of these stolen items on-line or via phone would trigger swift police action.  If the stolen items were for a personal collection, you could never display them.  One visitor to your den would spark concern.  What on Earth would anyone do with Yogi Berra’s stolen MVP award?

Nicely done, thieves – you swiped items you’ll never be able to sell or display.  If you cannot appreciate the historical value of the memorabilia, we hope you rest easily tonight as you go to sleep knowing that it wasn’t just the baseball world you robbed, nor was this just an 89-year old  former baseball player you stole from, but you took from a war hero.  Berra, a WWII vet, was at the beach during D-Day.  Losers.

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