Snapchat Was Hacked And 13 Gigabytes of Photos Were Leaked. It’s Called The Snappening!

OK, so let’s recap, again. Fappening 1, Fappening 2, Fappening 3, and now, The Snappening. Yep, Snapchat was hacked and thousands of photos were leaked, some of them of course, nude photos. 

tumblr_inline_mqfu4qNsLf1qz4rgpNow I would normally say “When will people learn their lesson?” But it appears this hack had been going on for a while. Probably during the time the Fappening breakins were going on. But needless to say, these are photos of every day people, some of which are no doubt under age. So who ever has these photos, and should they be distributed, is going to be in real big trouble. The word is, that searchable databases will be setup on many different sites, some of them that also leaked Fappening photos, for people to search for their usernames, or the usernames of others.

When it comes to underage porn, the cops do not play around. They will track the people who did this down and they will probably throw away the key when they get a conviction. But how did this one happen? Well, it appears a third party company’s application database was compromised and the photos that people saved before they were destroyed, in said database, were downloaded. A little over 13 Gigabytes from what the rumors are saying.

So if you are thinking about looking for these sites, I would suggest you don’t as when the cops find them, they will seize the servers, and go through the logs and try and find people that downloaded the files. Better to play it safe then be sorry.


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