Derek Jeter Sweater Is Worst Piece of Jeter Memorabilia Ever

Yes, Derek Jeter was great. No, this sweater is not. 


MLB Shop

Why? Why was this sweater created? There is so much out there to commemorate the career of Derek Jeter. So many thing you could buy as a Derek Jeter fan. Why would anyone in the world want this Derek Jeter satan sweater?

Oh, and it could be yours for only $75.99. I don’t know if I would be persuaded enough to wear or take ownership of this horrid garbage if Bud Selig himself were to offer me that money in exchange for it.

Remember that scene at the end of ‘A Christmas Story” when Ralphie doesn’t want to wear the pink bunny pajamas that his aunt made him? I honest to god think she made this sweater. Her, or a demon.

One thing is certain – if you want to win a contest at an ugly sweater party this year, this should do the trick.

If you really want to, you can purchase this clothing abomination here. If you do, you’re dead to me.

MLB Shop

MLB Shop


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