Capital Region Cities – Most Dangerous in State?

I came across a survey this week of the most dangerous cities in New York State. Not to my surprise three local cities are on that list – Albany, Schenectady, and Gloversville.

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The survey came from To come up with the results they started a list of the 50 most populous cities in New York and ranked them from one to 50 in each of the following categories: Law Enforcement Officers Per Capita; Violent Crime Per Capita; Property Crime Per Capita; Registered Sex Offenders Per Capita; and Percentage of Population Enrolled in Health Care.

After they established a ranking in each of the categories, a score was assigned to each city for the categories, those were added up and then divided the sum into an average, the lower the average was the higher a city ranked. Sounds confusing to me but they came up with a list out of it.

So here it is the top 10 most dangerous cities in New York! Hold on to your hats – some of these will surprise you!

#1 – Niagara Falls – it’s been a while since I’ve been to Niagara Falls. Let’s face it when you think of Niagara Falls you think of the picturesque falls with the rainbow shining bright under the cascading water. Well apparently it has a reputation for being crime-ridden as well. From its history of mafia involvement during Prohibition to its current problems with gun violence, the city has many problems with crime, ranking first in property crime.

#2 – Schenectady – when my then-fiancee and I were first getting ready to move to the capital region one of the first places we looked at getting an apartment was in Schenectady. I knew the reputation but this was a “nicer” area of the city. I think in the long run it was a great thing that we didn’t end up there because almost every day you hear about a new crime hitting the area. The high crime rate may be attributed to poverty and dispossessed youth. Schenectady ranked fourth in sex offender occurrences, and sixth in violent crime.

#3 – Newburgh – I’ve never visited Newburgh. There’s a reputation for gang problems and violence. It has actually been referred to as “the murder capital of New York.” – that sounds like a tempting place to visit, doesn’t it? They ranked first in violent crime.

#4 – Rochester – It’s been a while since I’ve visited Rochester as well. It has a history of mafia involvement. From the late 50s to early 90s, Rochester was a haven for crime bosses and their families. The city ranked fifth in violent crime.

#5 – Gloversville – Now of all the cities on the list I think this one surprised me the most. My husband is from Gloversville. We had a long distance relationship for about 6 years so I made my share of trips out there. The city has the shortest-staffed law enforcement of any city on the list and also the lowest violent crime rate. Apparently they ranked pretty middle of the road in all categories but just bad enough to make the list at number 5.

#6 – Buffalo – Again a place I haven’t been in awhile. Buffalo had the second highest rate of violent crime, and fourth highest for property crime. Big cities making the list is really no huge surprise.

#7 – Jamestown – I’ve never visited Jamestown. The survey says the staffing and violent crime rate is about the same as Gloversville but they ranked second in registered sex offenders per capita.

#8 – Albany – I’ve never wanted to live in the capital. It’s too crowded for me. I always liked the outside the hub bub and traffic area. Albany is the most diverse city in the top ten. They ranked ninth and tenth in violent crime and property crime. No big surprise there.

#9 – Binghamton – I travel to Binghamton quite frequently for work. What’s different about Binghamton compared to the other cities on the list is their crime rate is on the rise, having increased from 2012-2013 by nearly 29 percent overall. They also ranked sixth in property crime.

#10 – Auburn – Another surprising addition to the list. I also travel here frequently for work and it looks like such a peaceful tranquil town. Guess not. They ranked first in registered sex offenders and have a bit of a problem with crime as well.

What do you think of the list? Any surprising additions? Any New York city that you would add to the list?

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