Do You Think The CDC Dropped The Ball With Ebola? [POLL]

Ebola is a scary word, and a very scary situation going on around the world right now. So do you believe that the CDC has done enough for the United States to prevent or prepare us for Ebola?



Usually a disease like Ebola is something that we hear about from overseas, but doesn’t normally come to our shores. That is not the situation now, and multiple Americans have been infected, and one patient has even died from the disease. The sad prt is that this may have been prevented if the deceased patient was just honest in the first place.

Are we taking this Ebola problem as serious as we should? Probably not. Major cities should be closely monitoring all travelers going in and out for signs and symptoms. The days of burying your head in the sand and saying “Not in America!” are over. It’s here, and it seems every couple of days they are bringing someone else in who has to be monitored for Ebola symptoms.

The CDC has a plan, I just don’t think they have executed it well in the past.

I know that it’s not realistic to ban travel in places where Ebola is a real epidemic, but can’t we at least be a little more cautious? The CDC said today that they would no longer be allowing people who are being monitored for Ebola symptoms to travel on commercial planes. That’s a start.

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