DC and Warner Bros. Announce Names of 10 Films Through 2020

Since the big announcement at San Diego Comic Con that DC was planning on 10 major film releases through 2020, people have been speculating what exactly those films will be. Wonder no more. 



Unlike Marvel, DC Comics has not had the massive success at the box office. With the exception of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, they are still looking to get their footing. With the announcement of 10 films through 2020, they are hoping to get all of us fan boys excited for what is to come.

This whole DC cinematic universe kicked off with “Man of Steel.” While some didn’t like the Superman for a modern era film, it wasn’t all bad. The next step in their film journey will be 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” That movie will be particularly interesting because it seems like it will have cameos by many other heroes. Not to mention we’ll be introduced to yet another Batman/Bruce Wayne in Ben Affleck.

That’s where we as fans get nervous. You can’t just throw a bunch of heroes at us. Everything needs to gel together. Hopefully DC has nailed the casting.

So what else is in store for us from DC and Warner Bros?

  • 2016 – Suicide Squad

  • 2017 – Wonder Woman

  • 2017 – Justice League Part 1

  • 2018 – The Flash

  • 2018 – Aquaman

  • 2019 – Shazam

  • 2019 – Justice League Part 2

  • 2020 – Cyborg

  • 2020 – Green Lantern

The lineup of movies is not surprising. Keep in mind that DC also announced that they would be doing stand-alone films for Batman and Superman in addition to all of these other movies. No news on either of those flicks just yet.

I will say that I am a little disappointed that there was no mention of Martian Manhunter. His story is so awesome, it at least needs to be included in Justice League. If not, that’s an injustice. See what I did there? But seriously, that will be very disappointing.

Some questions that I have:

  1. Since we have a Flash television show, and it’s pretty darn good I might add, will that meet up with the movies? I would say that it would be cool if maybe they made the film Flash Wally West, since the TV Flash is Barry Allen. I think the DC television and movie worlds might be separate, which is okay, it’s just confusing.
  2. Will the Batman that we are going to see moving forward have anything at all to do with the Nolan series? If not, that is okay. I just want to know if I should be expecting anything like that. Obviusly Nolan and Bale closed the chapter on that with the ending at “The Dark Knight Rises”, but not for Joseph Gordon Levitt.
  3. When do I get to see Nightwing? Robin is all well and good, but Nightwing was a total badass. He should be incorporated into these upcoming DC films because the character is totally under utilized.
  4. Does the upcoming Shazam movie really have no ties to the other DC films? There is a rumor that it will kind of just be floating out there all on its own. While we won’t even see this movie until 2019, if this is true DC needs to rethink that. It needs to all tie together somehow. Why would you make a movie within that cinematic universe that has nothing to do with the other moving parts? Seems sloppy to me.

Despite my harsh words for DC in the past, I do love their characters. I just haven’t loved their live action stuff in a while. I’m looking forward to seeing these movies, and hoping that they are just as awesome as the comic books I loved as a kid.

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