The X-Cast:Geek Show Episode 6 – 10 Movies


Lots of stuff to talk about in the latest episode of #GeekShow. DC has announced 10 new movies and it’s line for their cinematic universe, plus we talk The Flash and Gotha TV shows, and look at the news about Robert Downey Jr. 

BJ and talked about the list of movies and then shared what movies we would like to see, as well as speculate on what is going to happen with the current list and how it could all fold together. We also examined The Flash TV show and how disappointed we both are with Gotham. The big news before the movie announcements though, was that Robert Downey Jr. will be in Captain America 3, and there will be an Iron Man 4 movie. So does this mean Civil War will be a story line?

BJ and I also discussed the new Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars, how they tie things up and what it all means. What we liked and don’t like. We also looked at the news from Marvel that the Fantastic Four comic book title will be ending, and if this is a jab at Fox for their reboot of the Four. We also discuss the Sony and Marvel Studios rumors that they are talking about bringing Web Head back to Marvel.

Sit back and listen, time to visit Geek-vana!

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