9 Things Banned in the Duggar Family

If you follow along with one of America’s largest families, the Duggars, on 19 Kids and Counting you’ll know that there are certain things that are a no-no when you are a part of the family.

duggar girlsLet’s take a look at 9 of them:

  1. Dates Without Chaperones – Every date that they show on 19 Kids and Counting has chaperones. Whether it’s their parents or their siblings every date is a group date and a family affair. It is meant to make them accountable for their actions. I couldn’t imagine having every date being chaperoned. I mean come on – how do you really get to know someone?
  2. Non-Group Texts – Even though the older kids are in their late teens and early 20s, their parents are still in on the text messages, occasionally putting in their own two sense. All I can say to this is seriously?
  3. Hugs on the Chest – The only thing permitted prior to marriage is a side hug. This is supposedly supposed to prevent any further temptation. Everything else is saved for the wedding night. So here’s a question. How does a chest hug promote hanky panky? Guess it depends on how you do it…
  4. Alcohol – The family does not smoke or drink? They do enjoy some sugary desserts from time to time. My question on this one is – what about on their wedding? Did they seriously not have anything to drink? I say alcohol is fine in moderation. When you completely ban something, aren’t you more likely to want to try it? And then overdo it?
  5. Romance Novels – So we know that the Duggars haven’t read (or won’t be watching) 50 Shades of Grey – but any romance novels at all are out of the question. They file the Bible which warns them not to “think about gratifying the pleasure of the flesh.” Ok – really nothing wrong with not reading romance novels, there’s plenty of other books and genres to read.
  6. Modern Music and/or Dancing – Michelle Duggar feels that dancing encourages “sensual” feelings. So instead of listening to the “in” music the family choose to play gospel music together. Again I bring up weddings – I would love to be a fly on the wall. How does this family have a good time at one of their weddings?
  7. The Beach – If you’ve watched episodes of 19 Kids and Counting you’ll see that there is Duggar-approved swimwear that the children wear. It’s conservative and covers the whole body. It reminds of wet suits. As for avoiding the beach it’s because “it’s just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted.” I can understand that since there are many women there that are far from conservative on their swimwear. But then the kids are missing out on the beauty of the water and the outdoor experience.
  8. Halloween – According to the Duggar parents, magic and witches are “part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from.” Poor kids can’t even get any candy. I wonder if they hand out candy?
  9. Birth Control – Obviously no surprise the last one on the list is birth control. They feel that God will give them as many kids as He feels like. It’ll be interesting to see if all the children follow this rule. It’s clear Arkansas will never have a population shortage with this group marrying and having children of their own!

What are your thoughts on these rules the Duggars follow to the letter? I still can’t imagine myself as part of the Duggar family but hey if that’s how you grew you, you really know no difference!

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