We Need To Stop Making Transformers Movies

In 2007 we got our first taste of what Michael Bay was bringing to the table for his “Transformers” films. All I can say is that this garbage needs to stop for the sake of Transformers fans everywhere.



Robots. Most people think they are cool. Robots that walk and talk and turn into cars? Oh hell yes.

As a child, who didn’t love the Transformers? The toys, the cartoons, the comic books. I loved them all. So when the rumors began circulating around about a Transformers movie around 2005, it got me – and I imagined all other children of the late 80’s and 90’s – pretty excited.

So the first Transformers movie came, and it wasn’t all bad. It had all the typical elements of a sci fi action movie. It held my interest. Obviously I was excited for a sequel, and in 2009 we got it. Ugh, we got it. The second movie was nearly 3 hours, poorly written and just not exciting. I know I wasn’t the only one to feel that way.

You can imagined how surprised I was to hear that there would be a third film. All I will say is that Michael Bay is very good at making his movies seem interesting with a good trailer. While I didn’t see the third film in theaters, I did see it. Once again, poor writing, acting and just an all around bad movie.

I would not be suckered into thinking that the fourth film in this Transformers saga would be anything less than a pile of steaming shit.

Wouldn’t you know, I was right.

Decided to pick up “Transformers: Age of Extinction” from the Redbox. Michael Bay is not getting more than a $1 out of me these days.

What did I get? Much of the same. Another super long, super boring movie. You really have to try hard to make a movie about transforming aliens boring, but they achieved it once again. The Dinobots couldn’t even save this movie. To top it off, they are 100% planning a fifth Transformers movie.

This is needs to stop.


The only way that these will go away is if they are a massive box office flop. For some reason they continue to make big money at the theater. The film’s total revenue is over a billion dollars between the US and overseas markets. WHY!?

Yes, Optimus Prime is awesome. So continue to love him for what he was to you as a child. I know that Peter Cullen continues to provide the voice and it’s all nostalgic, but is it really worth ruing your childhood over and over?

All I’m asking is that we finally be done with this movie series. No need for a reboot either.

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