AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Beats Sunday Night Football in Ratings

The premiere episode of season 5 of AMC’s hit zombie show “The Walking Dead” shattered its previous ratings record, and the second episode wasn’t far behind. It even beat out NBC’s Sunday Night Football. 



So far it looks like America loves post apocalyptic zombie drama more than football. For the second week in a row “The Walking Dead” (TWD) has beat our Sunday Night football in its key demo. A huge victory for AMC.

On Sunday night TWD got a 7.7 rating in the demo while Sunday Night Football received a 7.0. Despite Peyton Manning’s record breaking night, it looked like people were more interested in meeting Father Gabriel and finding out what happened post Carol going all Rambo on Terminus and freeing the rest of the group.

In all, episode 2 of TWD drew over 15 million viewers on Sunday night.

It’s not surprising that TWD is beating out football in their key demo. With social media people want to avoid spoilers on a show that is constantly unleashing twists and surprises on the fans. Plus the NFL is dealing with a backlash from the recent domestic violence issues around the league and their handling of the situation.

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